The Full Beyond Calories Series

Your food is more than calories in. Your exercise is more than calories out. Are you ready for a scientific approach to losing fat, gaining muscle, and creating better health without obsessing over calorie counting?


Part 1

Your food is more than calories in.

Your exercise is more than calories out.

Who knows who we could be if we became 1% better every single day?’s likely counting calories isn’t the answer to continual improvement!

Even in terms of food and fitness...

Part 2

A calorie is not a calorie.

For nearly 70 years we've been creating food labels, legislation, and dietary recommendations AND spending billions of dollars trying to get people to eat less and exercise more.

All based on research that whose foundation is a shaky one.

Namely - calories are a terribly inaccurate measure.

Not in thermodynamics, no. Calories as a measure of heat energy trapped in a chemical bond - that's quite inarguable.

But Calories as a measure of energy digested and utilized by the body and used as the bedrock for policies and programs to help people overcome the obesity epidemic, kick diseases to the curb, and live better lives -- THAT leaves a lot to be discussed.

In this episode we discuss the issues with calorie counting. The inaccuracies and considerations regarding the measurement and implementation of calories.

Then we talk about some alternatives.

Get excited to put to death a system that's been failing us for a long time. And to talk about how we might do better presently and in the future!

Part 3

This show is a thoughtful summary and meditation on the shows I've published on the subject of calorie counting as an effective tool of nutrition coaching in the process of helping others make positive changes in relation to exercise and nutrition.

After 2 contentious presentations of the philosophy and research against calorie counting AND 3 meaningful interviews with experts in the space (with credentials to boot!) I believe a summary is in order.

Have you been looking for a thoughtful and practical discussion about microbiome, epigenetics, willpower, entropy, and the question of good and Evil in relation to your health and fitness goals?

Excellent - this one's just for you!

Experts Interviewed

I brought on some experts to discuss the subject of calorie counting and its utility in losing fat, gaining muscle, and creating health and fitness in ourselves. Even the staunchest of science proponents admit that there are a number of other tools in their tool belt that they would recommend first…Click to Listen for yourself!

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