40 - "Taming The Stress Monster" - Overcoming Obesity Part 3

ave you ever had the feeling someone was watching you? I don’t mean the dude-across-the-room-is-about-to-come-over-and-say-“how you doin’?” kind of feeling.

I mean the childhood anxiety – the a-monster-is-in-my-closet-waiting-for-the-right-moment-to-jump-out-and-eat-me kind of feeling.

You know what I’m talking about.

And guess what?

You’re being stalked right now.

But the monster of adulthood that’s constantly around the corner, waiting for just the right time to wreck your hormones, give you heart disease, and make you chubby is not the boogie man of your childhood.

It’s a beast named Cortisol, and he’s one bad mamma jamma.

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38 - What You Should Know About Your Kids in Sports - with Raptor Sports Performance

Are your kiddos in sports? What do you remember about sports from growing up?

Apparently the game has changed and YOU need to know about the changes. 

Join me as I dive into a timely conversation with the founder of Raptor Sports Performance, James Westphal. Over 20 years of experience in the training industry and fatherhood to two adolescent boys has brought him to a passion for helping our young athletes train intelligently and healthfully. 

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36 - Training At Home - with Coach Mike Urso

Only have 10 minutes to bust out a home workout before getting ready for work? Want to know how better to incorporate your kiddos into a healthy lifestyle? 

Join Defining Dad Bod and Coach Mike Urso from Golden Home Fitness (writer of the free ebook "The Ultimate Guide to Home Workouts") as we discuss motivating ourselves to change while overcoming obstacles both large and small! 

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33 - "Tackling Negative Limiting Beliefs" - with David Mee

What negative thoughts are ruining your life right now?

If anyone knows how intensely negative thoughts can affect health, fitness, marriage, and fatherhood, David Mee has been through the gambit. Join me as we dive into a very real and raw conversation with the founder of "Breakthrough Marriage Mentoring" to grab pearls of practical wisdom that may help YOU make a breakthrough in your life!

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