104 - Fat Loss Forever with Layne Norton

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When I asked my social media connections to refer me to someone to debate the calorie science with - they delivered!

“I doubt the great Layne would take the time, but if he did — It would be a lecture!”

Which, on its face, is quite the claim! However, through some channels and magical internet tags, Layne Norton was looped into the conversation and agreed to have the discussion.

And here that is.

Is the calorie counting science missing a thing or two?

Should we approach this differently as coaches?

Are there caveats?

Layne and I dive into the weeds of our philosophy with regard to coaching clients to achieve their goals through nutrition, exercise, and lifestyle change.

And while we differed on a few finer points, we were both pleasantly surprised at the results of our “debate”.

Join us while we bring the nuances to light and do what we both wish more professionals - both researchers and coaches - did more often.

Speak honestly and intelligently with each other in a public forum.

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