108 - Do you RAISE The BAR? Or Yourself? The Psychology Of Exercise And Self-Actualization

There are 5 levels of need according Abraham Maslow…and only 2% of the population operates at the highest level - Self -actualization. Experiencing the BEST version of yourself.

Let’s talk about how a powerful exercise program is unique in meeting an important need at every level of our psyche.

Physiological, Saftey, Social, Esteem, and Actualization

Working out regularly will move you right up the line!

I learned this, personally as a poor kid growing up below the poverty line. There was just something inherently powerful about being poor, but choosing to engage in regular exercise consistently anyway.

And today - I’m not so poor - exercise still continues to help meet address multiple levels of this hierarchy. I hope you’ll use what you have well and do the same!

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