109 - Redefining "Mom Bod" with Jessie McCall

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I talk alot on this show about the challenges that Dads face in their pursuit of health and fitness - let’s talk about Mom!

Jessie McCall’s 60lbs transformation over the last 8 months is a powerful one for a few reasons.

1) Post - partum weight loss is something many mothers wrestle with. “Losing the baby weight” is a desire mom’s have even 5 years after their child is born. Jessie’s story lays those obstacles out and is a real account of how to get that weight off.

2) Post - partum depression is a real problem. And the psychiatric literature shows consistently that exercise is a powerful buffer to depression and perhaps one of the few reliable cures for Moms and Dads alike.

3) Often, the “get up early, get to the gym” thing is associated with men only. Jessie’s story turns that paradigm on its head as her program gets her up before her son wakes up and she diligently pursues her betterment for her and her family’s sake.

She would tell you - if she can do it, any mom can!

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