112 - Obesity and Genetics: New study shows BEST EXERCISES for "Big-Boned" People.

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As a trainer working with real people daily for almost 14 years, you learn things that research hasn’t quite parsed out yet.

One of these things is that some types of cardiovascular exercise seemed to help clients lose fat faster than others…even aside from caloric expenditure.

I never knew why, but my clients that made a regular habit of running, walking, hiking, and jogging did better with their body composition goals than those who cycled, swam, or danced.

We still don’t know the whole story, but this study is a POWERFUL step in the direction of understanding the mechanisms better.

Short answer?

It turns out certain types of exercise may “turn on” genes that buffer obesity and “turn off” genes that tend to increase a person’s risk for high BMI, larger waists and hips, and higher Body Fat Percentage.

Who knew?

Time to get steppin’


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Source Article - Scientific Publication August 1, 2019.