113 - Can We Cure Metabolic Disorder For Good? With Dr. Kent Sasse

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Dr. Sasse is a national expert in the field of minimally-invasive metabolic surgery and in this episode, we get to have an honest conversation about both the state of increasing metabolic disorders in the western world that seem to be beyond the help of exercise and nutrition interventions AND what might be done to impact the lives of hundreds of thousands who find themselves with a type 2 diabetes diagnosis or on the road to it.

This conversation hit particularly close to home because of a family member who underwent gastric bypass surgery just over a decade ago — and it was enlightening to hear how the seemingly arcane practice of stapling the stomach has evolved to something altogether more effective and less risky.

We cover myths, prognosis, and even changes in resting metabolism as born out through research and a number of other topics that - if they don’t impact you directly - will definitely be meaningful for someone you love.

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