Sugar is the New Smoking

Have you ever watched the old cigarette commercials? A camel in a leather jacket walks around showing everyone how cool it is to smoke a certain brand of tobacco-stuffed paper...seems outlandish now in a time where those products are now referred to as "cancer-sticks", nevertheless this used to be the case. It was cool to smoke.

Now we know inhaling a smokey, nicotine-laden haze is the among the fastest (and most expensive) ways shorten our lives and so we pity those addicted and teach our kids not to dabble lest they get hooked.


Now let me turn your attention to our modern-day madness in the 21st century.

There is a powdery white substance as addictive as cocaine and cheaper than water hiding in nearly every food product with more than 4 ingredients. (For more on the possible mechanism of sugar addiction)

This substance alone can cause cravings and sleep disturbances on the mild end of the disruption spectrum and on the severe end is the likely culprit in the rise of type 2 Diabetes, Cardiovascular Disease, and the Obesity Epidemic.

Today it's marketed in bright colors to you and your kids in store aisles, Starbucks drive-through's, and featured at sports events, T.V. commercials and movie previews.

In short, it's everywhere. And because of the unholy union of taxpayer's subsidy, it's so cheap that we're all buying it. (Seriously why does a soda cost more than water?).

Oh, and unlike cigarettes, it's consumed in excessive amounts by over 90 % of households in our country.

Yes, SUGAR is the new smoking and it's destroying more lives than smoking ever did right under our noses!

This granulated sweetness is so sinister that it makes up the first dietary change in the hormone pyramid! ©

And for good reason - it negatively impacts your insulin (read fat accumulation) system wreaking havoc on all other hormone systems up the pyramid!

But if that's not enough to convince you to start limiting it in your home, let me pile on a few more reasons you need to start counting sugar today!

Heavily Processed Food The quality of our food deeply affects how it impacts our metabolic processes. Quality food is real, unsalted, unsugared, and not exposed to the super-high heat and chemicals of what we call "heavy processing". Since there is always more sugar in the heavily processed versions of foods than the unprocessed versions then limiting the amount of sugar you eat daily will have the wonderful side-effect of reducing your processed food intake and increasing your quality food intake!

Count your sugar and your metabolism will thank you later!

Bacteria Did you know that there are more cells of organisms on and inside of you than there are your own cells that make you up?  Creepy but true! It's even been postulated that those bacteria may impact body composition (how much muscle and fat you have) more than what you actually eat! Guess what grows "bad" bacteria more faithfully than anything else? You guessed right! Sugar!

Count your sugar to foster the good stuff and your gut will be happy too!

Inflammation When sugar enters the blood stream in large amounts it can damage the soft tissues of the body, increase cholesterol, and harden arterial walls by spurning inflammation within the body.

Count your sugar to reduce inflammation over your whole body and avoid a cascade of health issues! Fat Storage Insulin is an important hormone that does a number of things. Among it's many duties is to switch the body from burning fat to storing fat. Since a high sugar meal causes insulin to increase in the blood stream then it follows that sugar makes us store fat rather than burn it.

Count your sugar to burn body fat better!

Death Sugar is so detrimental that the American Heart association has weighed in to set guidelines against consumption to prevent death by heart disease. You heard me right. The American Heart Association recommends that the average man eat no more than 37 grams of sugar per day and women no more than 25 grams per day to stay at a low risk for death by heart disease. 

Don't be among the average Americans who consume 100 grams per day and you'll live a longer life!

If You Wouldn't Smoke, Don't Sugar Sugar is one bad mamma jama. Between being horribly addictive, hiding in processed foods, inflaming your body, recruiting bad bacteria, sheltering fat, and literally shortening lives, the case could easily be made that the frappaccinos and cereal of our present are even worse than the cancer-sticks of our past.

Live a lean, long, and happy life.

Keep you and your house from getting hooked, and cut Sugar out.

Your kids will thank you later.

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