Don't Let Your Health and Fitness Take a "Summer Break"

“Summer break.” I remember as a kid those two words created anticipation and excitement for days at the pool, hours playing tag or hide-and-go seek at the park, family trips, and most-importantly—NO SCHOOL!

Now, as an adult, summer means an odd schedule-juggling to accommodate longer days (later bed times, earlier wake times), family trips (lots of hours in the car), business uncertainties (Q3 is tough to predict!), and most-disrupting—NO SCHOOL!

Just because the kids are on a break and you are struggling to maintain consistency and normalcy around the home front doesn’t mean that your health and fitness need to take a break!

On the contrary, Summer time is where your new year’s resolutions are either made or broken to be built upon or started over next year.

In fact, if greater health and fitness allows you greater confidence, enhanced presence-of-mind, and higher energy then you  CAN’T afford NOT to invest in you right now.

I know it’s hard, but I got you covered. These are the 5 things you can do this summer to gain ground on your health and fitness and -- GET EXCITED! -- they’re not super-difficult.

Read them. Meditate on them. Write them down and put them somewhere that you’ll see them all summer (perhaps the background of your phone lockscreen?)

Exercise On The Go

I know, things are hectic.

But even 20 minutes of intensity can make a difference 3 days per week!

Let’s be real. Will you watch an hour of Television this week?

Then you have time to get some exercise in.

A quick bodyweight workout in lieu of the gym (HERE is a GREAT resource for NO equipment workouts) or a brief period of intervals (1 min hard, 3 min easy X 5 reps) can make a difference.

Exercise on the go to maintain your current level of fitness rather losing ground this summer.

Eat Healthy Snacks

You can’t out-exercise a bad diet so make good choices as often as possible.

You’re on a road trip and have to grab a snack at the gas station?

Grab some water, mixed nuts, and beef jerky (protein, fat, and fiber) over the honey bun and mountain dew (Sugar, caffeine, and Lord-knows-what-else)

Nothings at home in the way of groceries and you have to pick something up on the way home?

A sandwich from Subway loaded with turkey and veggies (protein, fat, and fiber again!) is a WAY BETTER choice for your metabolism than a quarter-pounder with cheese and fries (processed fats, processed carbs, and CRAZY salt) from McDonalds.

You know that the airport is a food desert. Pack an apple, some peanut butter, and a bottle of water over starving yourself or being at the mercy of whatever “health food bars” they have in the vending machines.

I’m not saying it’s easy, but I know you’re smart enough to win this summer one healthy snack choice at a time!

Supplement Daily

There’s quite a bit to say about choosing quality supplements, but once you’ve got that down, be diligent with your supplements this summer.

A good fish oil, multi vitamin, and probiotic every day can go a long way to support your body through the stresses and abnormal patterns of a season that takes people out of their routine.

Gonna sip on a margarita in Cozumel?

By all means, but that multi, fish oil, and probiotic you took can minimize the negative impact of your drink on your digestive system, water retention, and fat storage.

While you’re vacationing this summer, give your body the support it needs to maintain INTERNAL NORMALCY.

And you’ll find you’ve minimized the damage from the EXTERNAL change of pace.

Get Of Your Tail

There’s a difference between getting your exercise in and being active.

So you got up this morning and knocked out a quick jog before going about the day, that’s great!

But now the rest of the day is filled with opportunities to be more summer-time active.

  • Park further away (you’ll notice those who need the closer spots)
  • Play with the kids (maybe it’ll make you younger)
  • Take the stairs (texting and stair-climbing don’t mix)
  • Walk instead of ride (Vitamin D and steps For. The. Win.)
  • Wear an activity monitor (I’m a huge fan of Fit Bit myself)
  • Challenge friends and family to virtual races (Mostly because they allow this!)
  • Take a lap or two around the pool for every 30minutes of relaxation (It’ll give you time to digest your book!)

It doesn’t matter how you exercise, eat, or supplement –if you sit all summer, you are just asking to regress.

Make this summer the one of movement!

Mind Your Bed Time

Do you know what protects us from stress?


That is, our minds and bodies can handle just about everything life throws at us if we get a good night’s rest afterward!

Do you know what wrecks our metabolism faster than anything?

Consecutive nights of too little, low quality sleep.

If you’re going to keep your health and fitness from taking a vacation, you’ll need to get serious about sleeping well.

Set a bed time, make sure your room is dark and cool, and no sugar or T.V. (use the lowlight setting on your phone if you must) within an hour of bed!

This summer, let’s make sure your sleep helps you RECOVER from the day rather than ADD STRESS to it!

Make Your Health A Way Of Life This Summer

The summer months can throw a wrench in how we do life on a daily basis, but all of the happenings don’t have to throw your metabolism and hormones off track!

By exercising on the go, eating healthy snacks, taking your supplements, getting off of your tail, and setting a bedtime you can ensure that YOUR fitness doesn’t take a summer vacation from YOU!

Make this the summer that you gained ground rather than lost it.

I look forward to seeing you making laps around the pool, killin’ it!

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