52 - Summer Patron Q&A

Patrons get an opportunity to ask any question to be fielded on the show! These were the top submissions this time around. 

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Thank you to our current partners supporting the show with contributions from $1-$50/mo.! You all rock! 


The questions: 

I clean hotels at night and am a delivery driver in the day (I work 11pm-2pm 6 days a week) can you recommend how to optimise diet and hormones when I'm working against the normal circadian rythym (and with 2 kids under 2 how I optimise energy on very little sleep). 

What are easy snacks I can work into my travel routine that are good for me?

I'm a tall guy. How do I improve my posture when sometimes slouching is required to fit into smaller spaces (like driving)? 

But what is everyone’s thoughts on intermittent fasting while also body building. I’m currently 190 as of this morning. Looking to shred body fat while slowly adding lean muscle.

When I run, I get pain in my foot and achilles. What can I do about this?

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