58 - Facing Cancer As A Fit Dad - with Craig Nieset

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Have you ever done nearly everything right and still gotten hit with 10 tons of bricks in the face?

Craig Nieset from Team Nieset was on the show a few months ago - he and his wife talk in episode 39 about running life's busy race well with nutrition and exercise. Since then he has faced a cancer diagnosis and possible death with a powerful resolve to show up for himself and his family.

Now with a clean bill of health he is turning his attention to making the community aware of the steps that need to be taken to catch possible concerns before they become tragedies.

September is prostate cancer awareness month - Craig's message "Get your PSA checked and stay on top of possible abnormalities"

In the meantime, the stronger, healthier, and fitter you are, the better you will recover from medical procedures that may be necessary but unforeseen!

#Definingdadbod means always preparing for the next fight!

Thank you Craig for sharing your story!


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