70 - How to make sure your kids outlive you - Thoughts on the Life Expectancy Problem


The news hit the stands a week ago. Life expectancy has fallen again, for the second time in a row after 150 years of improvement.

If the trends continue, statistics say we may live shorter lives than our parents.

How does that sit with you?

Humbling, sobering, and important, this issue isn't going away on its own. And reading the hundreds of thousands of comments on articles like this one and others as well as posts on social media leaves you numb with ideas and possibilities.

Everyone has an opinion on what's wrong with insurance, suicide help, political policy, and pharmaceuticals.

But what role, if any, do our own everyday choices play in this trend?

I believe quite a large one actually. Which is good news and bad news.

Good news is, we can decide to do something about it right now.

Bad news is, the more responsibility we take, the less we can blame "the system".

What are you doing that you need to stop doing. That you WOULD stop doing. To leave a better legacy for yourself, your kids, and your community.

What aren't you doing that you should start doing. That you WOULD start doing. To leave a better legacy for yourself, your kids, and your community.

I believe we can live fuller, longer lives. We have the means. We have the technology. But do we have the will to act and shape ourselves and our futures.

I like to believe we do.

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