72 - CHRISTMAS SPECIAL - Transformations, Lessons, and Egg Nog Protein with Bauerpower

How are you playing with the hand you're dealt?

What does that even mean with regard to health and fitness?

Your genes are YOURS - you're stuck with them from conception until death.

You can't change the hand you've been dealt.

But what if I told you that you actually have a handful of wild cards...and that if you play them right, you could unlock a better, fitter, you?

Let's cover two, well-researched ways you can play your hand better.

Hypertrophy...AND -- shoutout to the prospective fathers out there -- preconception diet and exercise!

Get excited :)

It's my last episode published in my 20s. Get excited!

John Bauer joins me to talk through the lessons learned by interviewing over 50 transformed lives and what he's taken away from that experience.

Want to know how to find your way? Need to make some moves in your journey or just want to be lifted up by hearing other's stories??

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