74 - Buggin' Out. Where Is Your Protein Coming From? - with Chef Scott Brown

You know protein is an important part of your health and fitness goals right?

Muscle recovery, boosted metabolic rate, enzymes and catalysts, and feeling fuller longer when you eat -- most people know its an important part of their program.

And many are supplementing protein to get it in their busy lives.

Shakes, bars, power snacks.

Here's a question, where is all that coming from?

Are we doing the best job consciously adding protein to our diets in a way that is sustainable and good for us and our kiddos?

Is it possible to do it better than whey, casein, and even vegan alternatives?

More fiber, more nutrients and at a fraction of the environmental cost bug proteins are making their way into the market and they have surprisingly powerful implications on the future.

Join me and a chef/food product development professional with over 30 years of experience with food and personal fitness as we discuss cricket protein, the why's, how's, and what's of making bug protein a daily part of your family's life.

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