75 - Becoming A Fearless Father - with Klaas van Oosterhout

Parenting is a terrifying enterprise.

Let's face it, every book written on it is woefully inadequate, you're nurturing a life that will operate in the future, and no matter how good your parents did -- who's to say you're going to do even better?

Not to mention you're sleep-deprived, working, balancing the budget, and trying to keep your foundation solid all at the same time while shouldering this 24/7 monumental role in the world.

So how do you become FEARLESS in the face of such responsibility?

Join me and Klaas Vanoosterhout as we navigate this question.

Calling fear what it actually is.

Facing fear head on.

Getting your morning routine on point.

Conditioning your mind and body to embrace fear.

Pass these great habits on to your kiddos!

It's an epic conversation that I hope you'll enjoy!

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