80 - Biohacking Your Subconscious With Somatic Movement - Kaila June

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Last year researchers found something mind-boggling and spooky.

Only 5 % of your mind is actually under your conscious control.

That leaves 95% of you that we know little to nothing about AND that says nothing of our ability to control (or be controlled) by it.

Meet Kaila, an expert of over 20 years in the fitness world who specializes in tapping into the power of your subconscious through a tool that doesn't cost you anything to use.

Your body.

Find out how movement and mind are connected and get some practical pointers on how you begin to use movement to relieve stress, become more conscious, and find more meaning in each workout, human interaction, workplace achievement, etc...

I've waited a long time to have this conversation!

I hope it speaks to you like it did me.

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