81 - 12 Rules For Defining Dad Bod - What Jordan Peterson Has To Do With Health And Fitness

“Clean your room. Put Yourself Together. God only knows what you could be - what the world could be - if you reached for the highest aim and manifested your potential in the world!”

Deep words uttered by a deep man.

But what place does philosophy and psychology have in Health and Fitness?

Fair question…

The journey to manifest your best physical self will impact you, your family, and your community. Let's talk about how! #definingdadbod

Credit to 12 Rules for Life by Jordan B Peterson AMAZING book

From my open letter to JBP on reddit to invite him onto the Defining Dad Bod Show --

I've heard you reference diet, exercise, and even lifestyle scheduling habits (like sleep) a number of times in your interviews and lectures.

To what extent, do you believe, does the clarion call to "take responsibility for manifesting your own potential" include a foundation of physical well-being and fitness?

Do you believe that "carrying one's cross" also encompasses a moral duty to eat well, exercise regularly, and live according to habits we'd be happy to pass on to our children?

Can we successfully "reach for the highest aim" without regard to our physical well-being?

And finally, in a world where we are increasingly assuming collective responsibility for the rising costs of health care, how much should anyone's personal choice (or lack thereof) with regard to health and fitness affect me and the livelihood of my family and community?

Personally I have worked hard to put my physical self together (otherwise I will live in pain and disablement due to my disorder) and out of that journey have spent the last 13 years of my career helping other people do the same. It's been very apparent to me working with my clients that my call to personal responsibility with regard to physiology and nutrition echoes yours but with a different timbre.

"If you did that everyday, God only knows what kind of creature you could be in 3 yrs."

With your experience in your own personal health and that of your daughter's I imagine you are uniquely positioned to answer my questions with force and wisdom. It has been my experience that spiritual, emotional, psycho-social, and intellectual fitness are quickly and completely subservient to a lack of physical well-being and I believe part of "cleaning your room" and "getting yourself together" has a lot to do with working hard to be in reasonable physical shape.

I also find that the simplicity of moving and the inherent progression of ability in the practice of physical training gives a low barrier to entry for most people and motivates an upward spiral. Similarly I have found in my professional practice of 13 years that assuming ownership of one's own personal fitness bolsters the mechanisms that allow for conscious choice (increasing willpower and the desire to use it) in every aspect of life both clinically and in the every-day -- AND the research on EXERCISE AND THE BRAIN (I am covering this in my show in a series. We're on part 4 now) supports this finding.

Lastly, in a world that increasingly views medicine in a collective/socialist light (especially issues that could be prevented and reversed through lifestyle choices) driving costs skyward and forcing everyone to pay the bill...it feels urgent to assume an active role in inspiring and supporting others who are seeking to take individual responsibility of their health. It is more apparent to me than ever that their choices will directly affect my community, family, and children in the near future even more than they do now. My industry is filled with snake-oil 8-week programs to six pack abs, fad diets, and other silly garbage and I work hard daily to deliver service and support to people despite the industry's faults because I believe in the importance of health and fitness in achieving our potential both now and for generations to come.

It's a long road with many obstacles. But one worth travelling. I continue to pick up my cross daily and "trudge up the dang hill". :)

Thank you for considering the questions.

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