87 - Meditation Tips For Fitness Junkies - with Brian R. King

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Meditation has been shown in inummerable studies to be a powerful way to impact your health in as little as a few minutes each day.

And as such is an important part of mastering phase 2 of the Defining Dad Bod hormone pyramid - cortisol

Of the things I ask clients to do - including consuming more protein, strength training, reducing sugar intake, etc...- nothing elicits more questions about execution than meditation.

Alex, how am I supposed to sit in a room and do nothing?

That's a fair question, but according to our guest today, an incomplete one!

Meet Brian King - he's been practicing meditation and teaching it for longer than I've been a trainer and our conversation will definitely shed some light on how to incorporate meditation into your health and fitness program!

Get excited!

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Phase 2 of the Hormone Pyramid - Stress and Cortisol


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