90 - 6 Things Horribly Wrong With The Health and Fitness Industry

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Sometimes you have to be the canary in the coal mine.

And sometimes you have to fly out of the coal mine and look at the 10,000ft. view

As a trainer of over 13 years running in circles of gym owners, influencers, medical professionals, dietitians, and even corporate executives in the fitness industry, there are some major problems that need to be addressed if the amazing opportunities of health and fitness are going to be realized for ourselves and generations to come!

And those problems are not simple.

However I believe that understanding the problems as both consumers and professionals in the space is the first step to making some headway with them AND - perhaps - being able to accept the personal responsibility that we all need to pitch in with in order to fix the problems.

1) Real estate companies masquerading as health and fitness institutions

2) Social media influencers bought by supplement companies (and followed by you)

3) Taking/eating everything your doctor prescribes or food companies put out WITHOUT ASKING QUESTIONS!

4) Exercising for the sake of burning calories

5) The 3-4 hours per day that almost everyone in the modern world is spending ACTIVELY SABOTAGING their goals

6) Sales pitches thinly disguised as fitness assessments

I hope you find this dissection helpful and that wherever you fall in this mix, it helps you improve your ability eliminate noise, pursue real results for yourself, and to make good decisions for your family and community.

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