91 - What You Need To Know About Fitness And FEET (and other joints!)

Episode 91.JPG

Which would you like to do?

Lose fat and gain muscle - OR - work on your mobility, nueromuscular control, and joint capsule integrity?

Well, if you're like most people, the former is much more desireable in the immediate than the latter.

But if we don't take good care of our joints, how long do you think you can keep a low body fat percentage and great muscle tone?

Not very.

I brought on the owner of PhysioFx in Dallas to walk us through how we can do a better job at understanding the form and function of our joints and keep us from neglecting the impact of such practices while we pursue our "sexier" fitness goals.

I believe the conversation will have you standing by the end...

Maybe due to excitement...but more likely due to the functional resistance of the whole thing: weight distribution through the foot, glute activation, hip stability...you get the picture :)

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