96 - Beyond Calories - Part 1 - What Calories Don't Measure In Nutrition And Exercise

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This is part 1 of a paradigm shift.

A declaration of war against the health and fitness “guru’s” and influencers that have been preaching caloric deficits and surpluses to little effect over the past 30 years.

Since the time we could measure the heat energy stored in the chemical bonds of our foods and atempt to balance the equation by exercising enough…we’ve had a problem.

A terribly limited view of what food and exercise actually are in our lives.

In fact, the next time someone tries to argue “weight loss is really not that hard. It’s just thermodynamics!”

I’m pulling out the Gibbs free energy equation and asking them to define Entropy in terms of human caloric intake/expenditure.

(won’t be able to. Food scientists are rarely engineers and very few people understand what ENTROPY actually means— let alone anyone in the food/health industry accounting for it in their energy expenditure equations)

I actually took thermodynamics as an engineer. It’s not that easy.

I’ve also worked with enough clients in 14 years to give you giant list of cases in which thermodynamics did little to help them achieve a better version of themselves...

I’m in the process of publishing a powerful rebuttal and a new way to understand nutrition and exercise.

Get excited!

This weekend begins “Beyond calories” a two-part series to help us take a new step forward.

Don’t worry. It’s not a “calories don’t matter treatise” — though I’ve argued in the past that they don’t matter nearly as much as other things we could coach to get great results.

It’s more of a discussion about how we can better understand our food and exercise to become more than we are right now.

Your food is more than calories in.

Your exercise is more than calories out.

Who knows who we could be if we became 1% better every single day?

...it’s likely counting calories isn’t the answer to continual improvement!

Even in terms of food and fitness...

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