99 - The Death of The Calorie - Beyond Calories Part 2

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Which is better for you?

100 Calories of Spinach?

Or 100 Calories of Skittles?

Both have the same calories!

So why does even my 4 year old know there is a difference?

A calorie is not a calorie.

For nearly 70 years we've been creating food labels, legislation, and dietary recommendations AND spending billions of dollars trying to get people to eat less and exercise more.

All based on research that whose foundation is a shakey one.

Namely - calories are a terribly inaccurate measure.

Not in thermodynamics, no. Calories as a measure of heat energy trapped in a chemical bond - that's quite inarguable.

But Calories as a measure of energy digested and utilized by the body and used as the bedrock for policies and programs to help people overcome the obesity epidemic, kick diseases to the curb, and live better lives -- THAT leaves alot to be discussed.

In this episode we discuss the issues with calorie counting. The inaccuracies and considerations regarding the measurement and implementation of calories.

Then we talk about some alternatives.

Get excited to put to death a system that's been failing us for a long time. And to talk about how we might do better presently and in the future!

It's gonna be a party!

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