35 - Let's Get REAL About Meal Planning


“Why don’t meal plans work?” Despite what you’ve read in the past several years amidst the hype and fads, the answer is really simple.

Crappy meal plans don’t work. Plain and simple.

No “why” explanation necessary, really.

The world is crazy with regard to nutrition right now, and even if you don’t have a degree in dietetics, you know it deep down in your gut – most of the information out there is ultimately more bologna than actual useable information.

Programs claiming that you can eat bacon with every meal and still lose weight.

Or fast for a day then eat whatever you want.

Or see results by simply tricking your body into burning more calories with a daily “metabolic enhancer”.

Or even eat anything and everything as long as it fits into your macronutrient allowance.

Sheesh. Seems pretty plain to me why MOST meal plans don’t work.

The truth is this – “A good meal plan works very well and can do a lot of good for you and your household”.

There, I said it.

But the trick is finding a qualified professional committed to making healthy eating easy, affordable, and efficient enough for every-day life.

Defining Dad Bod does that EVERY MONTH for our Patrons…however, let’s first explore the benefits of getting on a GOOD meal plan.

A Good Meal Plan Will Save You Money

Did you know that the average person in this day and age spends nearly half of their monthly food budget OUTSIDE OF THEIR HOME?

That’s right.

A new study suggests that those born between 1985 and 2000 spend an average of 44% of their food money each month on food prepared by someone other than them. 

That’s insane.

To put it into perspective, think of the last time you ate a good quality meal outside of your house. What was the price tag on that meal? How much would it have cost you to make that at home?

Now we know there are exceptions, but by and large you will spend 100-300% more per meal on food bought out vs. food bought at the grocery store and prepared at home.

A GOOD meal plan will save you money.

So imagine you currently spend $600/mo. on food (the average cost of food per month in American households). Also imagine you are eating out regularly (like the average household does) -- a good meal plan could save you $150 per month on overpriced outings!

Isn’t it crazy to think that becoming even a $1/mo. patron could help you cook more healthy and easily at home could save at least $100 if not more!

Get your home on a meal plan and save some $$!

A Good Meal Plan Will Help You Reach Your Fitness Goals

Ready for some science?

A meta analysis of meal behaviors in American households found some interesting things.

Households who go grocery shopping with a planned list eat at least double the veggies of households that don’t.

Households who spend time planning their meals have better health outcomes than those who don’t.

And the real kicker? People who have a meal plan when they go grocery shopping are more likely to eat healthy all week AND feel more OPTIMISITIC about their food choices during the week than those who don’t.

One article from Rueters in a landmark study put it simply –Perhaps the answer to the obesity epidemic is simply time spent planning and executing meals!

A GOOD meal plan will bring these benefits to your life!

Imagine how much easier it would be to reach your fitness goals if you automatically got more veggies, healthier outcomes, and a more optimistic outlook on your food each week!

Don’t have the TIME or perhaps the KNOW-HOW to make it happen?

No worries, Defining Dad Bod has you covered.  

A Good Meal Plan Will Keep Your Food Interesting

Before you raise your eye brows at me let me clarify.

I’m not talking about the cottage cheese, oatmeal, broccoli, and chicken breast meal plan made by body builder coaches that never change and require you to eat the same thing 3-5x per day several days per week.

I’m also not talking about the “if it fits your macros” way of justifying restriction followed by splurging.

I’m talking about a meal plan created fresh, weekly, by a learned, passionate, and practicing dietitian who champions efficiency, variety, and the quality of your food over the quantity of it.

A GOOD meal plan “shakes up” your normal “go-to’s” in your house when there’s not much time or there’s not much in the pantry.

Oh, and most importantly the Defining Dad Bod dietitian is a mom who believes good-tasting food shouldn’t take hours to prepare.


A Good Meal Plan Will Cut Through The Confusion

Have you been reading the nutrition headlines lately?

If you’re like me, you’ve stopped because they all contradict each other and make no sense.

(We’ve highlighted some of the confusion in THIS EPISODE).

Ever feel like saying to the gods of health and fitness “just tell me what to eat!”?

Well, a GOOD meal plan does just that.

Cutting through the food-company and pharmaceutical-industry driven misinformation, Defining Dad Bod uses sound nutrition principles to bypass the head spinning and give you plan.

Get A New Plan Each Month!

It’s true, most meal plans don’t work.

Because they stink. Like our expectations for them stink.

Unrealistic, expensive, and just plain boring, much of what’s out there today simply doesn’t translate solid nutrition knowledge into simple, good-tasting meals at home.

And that’s one of the reasons we’re here.

A GOOD meal plan does have benefits.

Are you ready to give it a try?

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Until next time, Kick Butt. Take Names. 

This information is meant to be actionable information to promote health and well-being and not to be used to diagnose or treat medical symptoms or conditions.