Supplements Recommended By CoachAL

I’m often asked what supplements I recommend to help my clients reach their goals.

This is a tricky question for a number of reasons (full podcast episode below “What you should know about supplements”) but primarily because every BODY and JOURNEY to health and fitness is unique.

That said, I do have some general recommendations based on robust research that I have made below.

I recommend listening to my thoughts in full (perhaps while performing some BASE CARDIO) then purchasing what makes sense for you, your body, and your budget!

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This information is meant to be actionable practical to promote health and well-being and NOT for the use of diagnosis or treatment medical symptoms or conditions. If you are currently taking a medication or being treated for an illness, consult your physician for guidance on possibility of harmful interactions. 


Foundational Supplements

(Good for general health and well-being 3-7 days/week)

  • Fish Oil - (Take 2 in the morning)

  • Multi - (Take 1 in the AM with breakfast and 1 in the PM with dinner)

    • Supports any missed nutrients in daily diet habits

    • NOT meant to replace need for fruits, veggies, or other whole foods

  • Magnesium - (Take 1 in the evening)

    • Promotes relaxation of muscles and nervous system

    • Improves flexibility and blood pressure

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Save 5% With Code: DADBOD

Performance and Recovery Supps

(Selectively recommended in phases 2-4 of resistance programming)

  • Creatine - (5g taken daily during hypertrophy and athleticism phases)

    • Promotes ATP resilience and muscle strength and power

    • Will increase water retention temporarily in some

    • Correlated with small increase in testosterone and mild positive effect on depression

    • Boasts the highest quantity of scientific studies published of any supplement

    • Contraindicated for liver or kidney disease

  • BCAAs - (1 Serving taken during/after workout or during fasted intervals)

    • Predigested Valine, Isoluecine, and Luecine improves muscle recovery

    • Reduces muscle breakdown during calorie deficit/catabolic phases

    • Contraindicated for liver or kidney disease

Sleep Supps

(Recommended to support quality and quantity of sleep in conjunction with positive sleep habits)

  • Relora Plus - (Take 2 within an hour of desired bedtime for at least 4 weeks)

    • Related to suppression of cortisol and therefore improving anxiety and depression

    • Promotes improved fat loss and exercise recovery

    • Cumulative effect

  • L- Theanine - (Take 1 within an hour of desired bedtime when mind is “racey”)

    • Naturally found in green tea, but supplement form is taken without caffeine

Specialty Supps

  • Indole 3 Carbinol - (For FEMALES: Take 1 with your multi each time)

    • Promotes estrogen and progesterone balance

  • Generation UCAN - (Take 1 Scoops BEFORE endurance bout or fasting for 4 hours or more)

    • Delivers carbohydrates in drip-feed fashion over 4 hours

    • No digestive discomfort during intense exercise

    • Ideal for early morning bouts on little to no food and endurance training

    • Supports balanced blood sugar

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