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2 - Alcohol Isn't Helping Your "Dad Bod"

Whether you have a bad habit or simply like to unwind with a drink on the regular, the science is pretty clear -- Alcohol isn't helping your dad bod. Find out why you should seriously consider limiting your alcohol intake while you are on the journey to be a better parent in mind, body, and spirit. #redefiningdadbod.

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1 - "Dad Bod" Is Not Your Fault

Is "Dad Bod" just a meme or is it a real thing?

Lets talk about the biology of Dad Bod, why it happens, and how we should redefine it instead. 

Biology might be against you directly after your child is born but frankly,  the pudgy, balding caricature of "Dad Bod" is uninspiring. In a world where our children need us to be strong parents that breed strong kiddos, lets take responsibility with this information and Redefine what our bodies should be as Dads.

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