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Our Story

Since I was young I’ve been working to overcome a genetic disorder that makes my body extremely prone to injury. I made a lot of strides to live without pain and do the athletic things that I loved to do...then my son was born...

Suddenly I wasn't the star in my own movie anymore -- My fitness had to stand for more than just my own happiness. 

But being healthy is like a minefield in our world today, especially for a parent. Choosing the right food to eat can be complicated and expensive. Getting to the gym is inconvenient at best and horribly intimidating at worst. And to top it all off, who has the time and energy?

Enter "Defining Dad Bod"

This movement is about empowering you with the knowledge you need to work smarter, not harder (unless you want to work harder, I won’t begrudge you). Its a place for you to engage and be inspired, encouraged and motivated about the things you CAN change in your world to become a better person, spouse, parent, and human being. 

Defining what our bodies stand for and how we pass that meaning onto our children is a journey.

After all, THEY DO what we DO — NOT what we SAY

Don’t be a slave. Be an agent. Don’t let your life happen to you. Make life happen. 
It all starts with you. The only thing you truly control in this world is yourself. 

Through intelligent and discipline lifestyle, nutrition, and exercise we can be better. Its time to stop settling for "Dad Bod" and remake to mean something awesome. 

Producing the free content of this movement takes hours of research and networking on top of production, planning and editing and you can be a part of keeping it all coming through Patreon.

-The "Defining Dad Bod" Journey-

To recognize how your decisions and habits are passed down to your kiddos.

To take Responsibility for your choices with regard to exercise, nutrition, and lifestyle.

To own the pursuit of further understanding of your body and the genetic heritage you’ve passed onto your children.

To Find The Balance of Quality and Quantity of Life.

To stop doing the things that you know you shouldn’t be doing.

To start doing the things that you know you should be doing.

And to pursue a 1% Better version of yourself daily.

here's what I'm going for...

“Dad Bod” is a set of strong arms and shoulders. My shoulders are what others may need to cry on. And at times the weight of the world will bear down on me as it did upon Atlas. I must hold on when others would let go. I will build strong arms and shoulders.

“Dad Bod” is a sturdy, powerful core. My core is the center of my stability for movement just as I am the center of stability for my home. Everything I do begins and ends with what is inside my center. I will build a sturdy, powerful core.

“Dad Bod” is an agile body. My agility allows me to overcome the obstacles that life puts in my path, quickly and decisively. In the unexpected pitfalls that come my way every day, I will bend like the majestic willow and survive. I will build an agile body.

“Dad Bod” is consistent energy. My energy leads me to work tirelessly to leave a positive mark on this world. And thereafter, I still have spare energy to give my kids a run for their money while devoting the same purposeful attention to the relationships that are important to me. I will build consistent energy.

“Dad Bod” is endurable. My endurance lets me keep moving forward even when I feel like giving up. The stubborn grit and focus makes me indomitable, and I will not be conquered. I will build endurance.

“Dad Bod” is disciplined. My mind is set. I mean what I say and do what I intend. I am dependable because I am an agent, not a slave to forces outside of my control. I will build discipline.

And you? What will your “Bod” Stand For?