These amazing businesses and people have partnered with Defining Dad Bod in leaving a legacy of health and fitness for our kids. Check them out!

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Gold Partners

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PNOE Analytics 

PNOE Analytics is a metabolic analysis startup primed to become a leading fitness company.  

To bring metabolic insights to the masses, PNOE has launched a portable cloud-connected low-cost breath analysis device. 

A 10-minute exercise test wearing PNOE’s breath mask gives users personalized exercise regimens, real-time metabolic insight, and intelligence on their cardiopulmonary health. 

Founded by Cambridge- & Stanford-educated engineers, PNOE Analytics is building a future where medical metabolic and cardiopulmonary knowledge is accessible to all.

PNOE is proud to partner with Defining Dad Bod bringing metabolic analysis to the movement that is working hard to leave a legacy of health and fitness for the next generation. 

Make EVERY BREATH COUNT! Get your PNOE analyzer today! 

Get the FREE Education Series - PNOE 101 - An Introduction to Mastering Metabolism - HERE

Marfield Corporate Stationary

Celebrating 50 year in the business, Marfield has successfully married the craft of fine printing with the art of customer service using the latest technologies offering customized online storefronts to our customers since 2000. Marfield has built a successful business by nurturing customer relationships to last by consistently delivering quality products, excellent customer service and building custom programs to fill the changing needs of our customers.

Marfield designed and printed the first Defining Dad Bod Logo in 2017 and continues to supply our corporate stationary needs with excellence today! 


Bauer Power Fitness Consulting

Combining his passion for fitness with his desire to encourage and inspire those around him, John has created BauerPower Fitness - a place where clients can reach an untapped potential - both physically and mentally. John challenges his clients by holding up a mirror and encouraging them as they reach new levels of health and growth. John knows what it’s like to transform, and that is what he challenges each client to do themselves!

Next Insurance, Inc.

As a personal trainer your passion is getting your clients happy and healthy. However, your business needs to be in as good as shape as your clients. Personal trainer insurance will help strengthen your business to protect it from injury and give you the peace of mind to focus on your passion. Defining Dad Bod is excited to be partnering with Next Insurance, Inc., the leading provider of personal trainer insurance products.

Next Insurance's general and professional liability coverage is designed specifically for those in the fitness industry. Their affordable policies can be purchased online in minutes and with monthly payment options, you do not break a sweat (or the bank) to get coverage! Defining Dad Bod highly recommends personal trainer insurance coverage with Next Insurance.


Silver Partners

Practical Strength

Headed up by Dave Van Skike and Sara Jenkins, Practical Strength represents over 20,000 hours of strength coaching practice and experience by returning to the fundamentals that undergird the principles of sports science and exercise adaptations. 

Connect with their book and hands-on, interactive seminars and clinics clarify the role of strength and conditioning in sport, fitness, and health -- HERE

Their expertise is explored on episode 54 where we discuss strength training, programming, and its relevance to raising kiddos!

Slice PT

Get fit. Stay healthy. Feel amazing. Do it all at SlicePT! Our state-of-the-art facility and fully-equipped training space offers a workout experience in a comfortable, personal and professional atmosphere. SlicePT employs nationally certified, experienced trainers who are always on-hand and ready to help our clients experience a top-tier training service every session.

Generation UCAN

One of the most exciting and useful products to come out of nutrition and medical science this century. As one of few supplements that is used in the home of Defining Dad Bod weekly for the last 8 years, we are proud to partner with this amazing organization that is helping this generation balance blood sugar. Performance athletes and everyday families alike benefit from UCAN's patended Superstarch creation born of necessity with the spirit to help people. Find out their story! 

Use Code "DADBOD" at checkout to get 10% off or shop with THIS LINK! 


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