Life Transformation - Padawan Package

Life Transformation - Padawan Package


Changing a life is tough. Especially when its your own!

Find out why my clients call me their “Life Transformation Strategist”

These 16 weeks will help you make the progress you need like never before.

If you need the personalization and support not afforded by the Self-Guided Program, look no further!

Exercise, nutrition, behavior coaching, lifestyle troubleshooting, and more. Coach Al has you covered!

Many times we don’t know where best to start and even when we do we know what to do and just aren’t doing it.

Have you ever hired a professional to help you make this happen?

Whether it’s to lose fat, improve your health, or bring your performance to the next level, you’ve come to the right place!

What you Get:

  • Personalized workouts - complete with video instructions for each movement - sent to your email each morning through FitBot (catered to your fitness level, time constraints, and equipment availability)

  • Personalized macronutrients and meal planning updated monthly

  • Daily accountability

  • 15 min Touchbase Calls AS NEEDED throughout your program.

  • Unlimited Text/Email access for questions, comments, concerns (8 hour reply)

  • Printed Life Transformation Guide for use as a companion workbook during your journey (meal plans, general workout programs, and material to aid each phase of your transformation!)

  • Defining Dad Bod Decal

  • 16 Weeks worth of emailed resources arriving in your inbox every 3-4 days to keep you inspired, motivated, and directed.

  • 30 min Strategy Session to Kick off your journey

  • Lifetime access to the Defining Dad Bod “Inner Circle” (A closed facebook group with LIVE discussion every Saturday and exclusive content from the past 6 months of Defining Dad Bod)

  • 16 Week Commitment (REQUEST MONTHLY PAYMENT PLAN HERE or Via Chat)

Put my 13 years of fitness industry experience, my voracious appetite for all things practical with regard to health and fitness, and a relentless desire to see you succeed to work for you in this endeavor!

I’m would be honored to be a part of your journey!

*I want this to be the right fit for you*

If you want to try a week before committing fully, no sweat! That’s an option HERE

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My method is different from anything else out there. Biomechanics, nutrition, physiology, biology, and psychology wrapped up in a personalized program just for you. Lets do this.