Life Transformation - Apprentice - (Virtual)

Life Transformation - Apprentice - (Virtual)


Become the hero your kid already thinks you are.

Welcome to the next level of Health and Fitness Coaching. This is the best $$ value coaching that I offer.

Nothing will change in your life unless you devote a consistent spot in your schedule to it.

What you Get:

  • 30 min monthly coaching call (webcam or audio. Your choice)

  • 30 min Strategy Session to Kick-off your journey

  • Personalized workouts programmed for your goals and starting point

  • Video instructions for each movement - sent to your email each morning through Truecoach

  • Daily “Nudges” motivation/communication with CoachAL

  • Personalized macronutrients and meal planning updated monthly

  • Daily accountability

  • 15 min Touchbase Calls AS NEEDED throughout your program.

  • Unlimited Text/Email access for questions, comments, concerns (8 hour reply)

  • Weekly nutrition and lifestyle guidance

  • Defining Dad Bod Decal

  • 16 Weeks worth of emailed resources arriving in your inbox every 3-4 days to keep you inspired, motivated, and directed.

  • Lifetime access to the Defining Dad Bod “Inner Circle” (A closed Facebook group with LIVE discussion every Saturday and exclusive content from the past 6 months of Defining Dad Bod)

  • 4 Months ($300/mo.) - Monthly Payments Available

  • Skeptical? Questions? Try it for a week!


Put my 13 years of fitness industry experience, my voracious appetite for all things practical with regard to health and fitness, and a relentless desire to see you succeed to work for you in this endeavor!

I’m would be honored to be a part of your journey!

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My method is different from anything else out there. Biomechanics, nutrition, physiology, biology, and psychology wrapped up in a personalized program just for you. Lets do this.