Testosterone and Thyroid - LIVE Mastermind

Testosterone and Thyroid - LIVE Mastermind


4 Weeks of tackling the most important nutrition and lifestyle changes you NEED to make.

LIVE with CoachAL!

Boost the fat burning and muscle-growing effects of testosterone and thyroid hormones by optimizing your body’s insulin and cortisol systems!

Based on the most popular and impactful episodes of the first 100 episode of Defining Dad Bod!

Are you ready to take control of your hormones, gain muscle, lose fat, improve your energy, manage stress, and do it all without medications, magic supplements, or crash dieting?

Then this group mastermind is for you.

Launching the first week of each month (registration open until the last day of the previous month), I have created this 4 week mastermind to give you a crash course in periodized nutrition and lifestyle change in a sustainable, powerful and results-driven way.

Get excited.

In 4 weekly sessions (lasting 60min each) we’re going to tackle sugar, fiber, caffeine, alcohol, steps, hydration, and much more while you get to ask your practical questions on how to apply this to your life sustainably.

We’ll talk through important questions like:

Is fruit ok while I’m working to manage my insulin and lose fat?

How many sets of weight training and at what intensity - will boost testosterone?

How much protein should I eat?

What omega 3 is best to take in order to improve depression and ADHD symptoms?

And so much more…

In fact, this is the same journey that my personal coaching clients go through in the first 16 weeks of their program in order create a sustainable transformation through optimizing their hormones!

The mastermind ALSO includes a one-week trial of the Defining Dad Bod exercise programming - just chose your level of proficiency and try a week of scientific program design!

Lastly, mp4 recordings of each session will be sent to your email for download/viewing later!

I’m excited for you to crush this life-changing process!

Register for our September launch today!

  • Early-Bird ($30 off) registration opens 9/1 (use code EARLYBIRD)

  • Early-Bird registration closes 9/15

  • All registrations close 9/30

  • LIVE Mastermind begins 10/4 @ 12pm CST

  • 4 - 60min LIVE Mastermind Sessions at 12pm CST on Friday each week

  • 1 Week of Truecoach-based Defining Dad Bod workout programming built to be the cutting edge of time-efficient, guided exercise coaching.

  • 4 Weeks of E-coaching (2 weeks of meal plans included) and Defining Dad Bod Show Updates sent right to your email inbox!

  • One-Time Cost Covers All 4 Weeks!

*Not intended to treat or diagnose medical conditions. Ask your doctor if exercise, nutrition, and lifestyle change are right for your treatment plan*

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