16 Week Shred - Self-Guided

16 Week Shred - Self-Guided


I get it. You’re independent and want to make this all work yourself.

I admire your spirit!

I have created this 16 week program for your sort of independence.

This is the same journey that my personal coaching clients go through in the first 16 weeks of their program in order create a sustainable transformation through optimizing their hormones!

Only you’re in charge of creating/implementing your workouts, holding yourself accountable, and doing the research you need to troubleshoot the common pitfalls that keep many from being successful themselves (and eventually hiring me to help!).

I’m excited to guide you through this life-changing process!

What you Get:

  • Printed Life Transformation Guide for use as a companion workbook during your journey (meal plans, general workout programs, and material to aid each phase of your transformation!)

  • Defining Dad Bod Decal

  • Personal Truecoach profile for results tracking and periodized workout suggestions!

  • 16 Weeks of e-coaching resources arriving in your inbox to keep you inspired, motivated, and directed.

  • 30 min Strategy Session and one-week Jedi Trial to Kick off your journey!

  • Lifetime access to Defining Dad Bod Inner circle for group coaching and LIVE Q&A opportunities!

  • Cost Covers All 16 Weeks!

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