Get Ready For Summer. Then Stay Ready.

Hey Friend,

It's that time of year again. 

The month or two before everyone else starts looking in the mirror thinking

“That’s not how I want to look at the pool today”

But not you.

You’re thinking - let’s be smart about this.

Like my clients below, you are ready to start now.

And, if we do it right, you’ll stay in summer shape after the fact.

Anybody can reduce their intake and do cardio like mad to drop quickly.

Don’t be just anybody this summer.

Be the best version of you—


Program Options

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Daily Workout Programming

Daily Workout Programs sent right to your email complete with sets, reps, coaching notes and a video exercise description for every movement through the “TrueCoach” application.

These workouts are written exclusively by Coach AL for the Defining Dad Bod Summer Shred Program

Motivational communication and troubleshooting help on each completed workout!

Your Workout Week!

Your Workout Week!

Maximum Communication!

Maximum Communication!

Nutrition And Lifestyle


You workouts will only be as effective as what you put in your body!

So you’ll be lead through the 16-week Hormone Optimization Pyramid. We’ll address inflammation, insulin, cortisol, testosterone, and thyroid hormones by optimizing your life in bite-sized chunks.

No pun intended :)

Take measures and watch them change for the better as you stay motivated to reach your goals!

The Revolutionary System To Fast, Positive, Long-Term Results!

The Revolutionary System To Fast, Positive, Long-Term Results!

Lasting Results Through Consistency

Lasting Results Through Consistency

Are You Ready For Summer?

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