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What does science have to say about how many carbs you should eat? What about fats? What about types and affects on disease and body composition?

Join me as we walk through a fantastically sourced article from Scientific American about the consensus and controversy around how much carbs and fats we should be eating! Source article -

Life Transformation Process

My clients have recently dubbed me their "Life Transformation Strategist". This system is why.


Increase brain function Burn Fat Better Live Longer AND More!

High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT)

Boost Testosterone. Increase Growth Hormone. Fine Tune Your Engine. Get More Carb-Tolerant!

Moderate Intensity Interval Training (MIIT)

Train your fat-efficiency point. Increase your horsepower and calorie burn! Improve endurance and peak performance!

Base Training

Burn fat better. Balance your neurotransmitters. Live Longer. Improve your BASE.

Welcome To The Movement

Welcome to the movement that is helping this generation find it's "WHY